This site displays the content analysis of different
NADH products:

Company Product expiry date date of analysis NADH per unit(mg) content analysis(mg)
King Nature NADH Vida 06/2020 26.02.2019 20 10,89
Sanasis 05/2020 26.02.2019 20 12,3
QuantiSana NADH Gelenke 01/2020 15.02.2019 20 9,08
allvital 12/2019 21.11.2018 10 9,45
fairvital 20mg sublingual 11/2020 21.11.2018 20 1,40
fairvital 50mg 10/2020 27.08.2018 50 36,32
Innova Swiss Young Generation 10/2019 21.11.2018 15 4,97
Innova Swiss NADH plus L-Arginin 10/2019 21.11.2018 20 14,99
Innova Swiss NADH plus L-Tryptophan 10/2019 21.11.2018 20 9,56

All measurements were performed on a ACQUITY Arc Systems HPLC by Waters

NADH is a very reactive substance

and it is not stable in most products. An instable product will not contain a lot of NADH after a certain while. The little amount of NADH left in the product is the maximal amount of NADH available to the consumer, however no claims can be made about the bioavailability of unstable products.

Test your product

If you are interested in the content analysis of an NADH product not on this list please send one box of the product to:

Prof. George Birkmayer NADH GmbH
Amstutzweg 2
6010 Kriens

In exchange you will receive one box of Prof. George Birkmayer NADH Constant.

Only Birkmayer NADH is stabilized NADH

Prof. George Birkmayer NADH® products are the only stable NADH products.

To substantiate this claim we have listed the content analysis of recent production lots of all
Prof. George Birkmayer NADH® nutritional supplements.

Product expiry date date of analysis NADH per unit(mg) content analysis(mg)
Prof. George Birkmayer NADH® Rapid 07/2021 09.04.19 20 22,59
Prof. George Birkmayer NADH® Constant 09/2020 09.04.19 20 20,89
Prof. George Birkmayer NADH® Vision 06/2021 12.03.19 20 20,00
Prof. George Birkmayer NADH® Arthros 06/2021 09.04.19 20 21,40

Demand quality products

To make sure you are buying a quality product, we advise you to always demand a content analysis when purchasing NADH products.